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Oops. Sorry.


Thanks, Bloggers I Follow Who Haven’t Changed URLs Lately

I still know who you are.

But I’m scrolling through my dash like OH FUCK WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE because they changed URLs, maybe more than once.

I’m also amused by how everyone’s obsessions are still pretty much the same.  It’s like, We all still like Avengers?  Coulson is still badass?  Cats?  Yes and yes and yes.

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In which Woman is an actual Avenger, coming back because the fandom needs her to.

I’m not the blogger you deserve, but I’m the blogger you need.  Or something.



Also, the AP English Language exam is this Friday and if the CHILDREN think THEY’RE stressed, they have no fucking idea how insane the thought is…

Oh right!  That happened!  I was super stressed about the AP exam.  WELL GUESS WHAT, a bunch of my kiddies passed and my principal was all pumped and I get to teach TWO sections of the class next year.

So Does JFR Not Take Pictures Anymore or

There are like no new pics of him.  


Oh. So I finished watching The West Wing.

I adored it.  Thanks so much for the recommendations!  Here’s what became one of my favorite moments of the series:

I’m feeling a little over-interpreted…. Am I wrong to want to set the record straight…. I’m a heterosexual —- and I don’t know why I just said that except that as of this morning I’m… apparently. the most powerful lesbian on the planet when the fact of the matter is I’m… absolutely crazy about this particular man I just met and had two fabulous dinners with in the space of one week. A man who hasn’t had the courtesy to call me today probably because he’s simply of the undependable gender or, come to think of it, maybe he has even less of an idea of how to deal with my alleged and fictitious lesbianism than I do. So he’ll just… drift away like the legion of other cowards for whom I spent my young life staring at the phone like an exquisite collie hoping for table scraps until I became successful and suddenly I started to scare them —- scare them with the very independence they required me to have, so that now I’m looking at some bad numbers, really rough stuff if you know what I’m talking about. But what was I suppose to do, turn down an opportunity to serve the President of the United States who I believe and adore? You just want to share it all with someone, you know?

—C.J. Cregg in “Faith-Based Initiative”

I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Lose a Single Follower While I Was Gone.

Damn, y’all bitches is loyal.